I don’t know about you but because the mind (at least my mind) can go in a million different directions when I’m brainstorming and in this case creating workflow so I mindmap so that I can capture as many ideas as I can.

The first step is to create a summary of the workflow answering what do we need:

🌟 the timeline we have to complete the workflow,
🌟 the budget if there is one,
🌟 the resources – team members, tools/platforms are we gonna potentially need to create the workflow?

Then to answer these questions to create your workflow:

🌟 How does a potential client or lead become aware of your business? How does a lead become aware of your business and subsequently opt in to get on your email list?
🌟 Once they opt in, how are you going to nurture them?
🌟 What starts the onboarding process? Once a client has said, Yes, I’m ready what happens?

Your turn! Take some time to go through these questions. Maybe even think about the workflows that you currently have and figure out what’s gonna make the most sense for you, your team, and your clients.