It’s the HEALING for me 🫶

It's the Healing for Me

2022 has been ALL about healing.

Healing that I absolutely needed ❤️

Healing that I knew was part of the reason WHY no matter what I did – the impact that I wanted to make, the people that I wanted to help, the goals that I had, could not AND would not happen without it❤️

Healing that was needed so that I would (eventually) stop trying to do everything MYSELF.

Healing that I needed to be able to show up the way that I wanted to, the way that I needed to.

Healing that muted me when I needed to SPEAK UP.

Healing that allowed me to be okay with releasing people who had taken up space in my life and NOT feel guilty about it 💪🏽

Healing that allowed me to start having uncomfortable conversations (WHEW!!)

Healing that is allowing me to be ME! (Say Hey Kyna B. 👋)

Healing that allowed me to shed the masks that I was wearing to “fit in” with people or in places that I didn’t belong! ❤️

This healing was absolutely necessary.

I am proud of myself for wanting to heal.

I am proud of myself for going through the stages of healing – as difficult as it was.

I have come to realize that healing is a journey and not something that I will see a difference overnight…why didn’t someone say that this wasn’t going to be easy 🥹

but I’m off to a good…great start 💪🏽

Cheers 🥂 2022! Thank you for the gift 🎁!

Lets go ‘23!!!!