Ready to

Run Your Business,

your Way

You are beginning to see the vision for your business come alive…there is just one thing…

You didn’t consider what it would take to run the business that you worked so hard to build…

As a result you have become frustrated, overwhelmed, and tired of:

  • not being able to go on vacation (unplugged) or take a day off here and there because you are in the middle of managing the team, looming internal project deadlines, or client work that needs to be delivered?
  • worrying that because you haven’t been able to consistently reach your goals, you will have to let go of your team?
  • not finding the “right” people for you and your business?
  • over and over again and each time it feels like it’s your first time doing it.

As someone who has worked with

As someone who has been behind the scenes for the past 12+ years working with various businesses (ranging from startups to businesses with teams of 15 or more), being a part of what it actually takes to have the life and business that you desire, I understand. I understand that your role has now turned into managing people and all that comes with it, creating processes and workflows which is not your lane leaving you NO time to do the work you fell in love with.

Kyna B is a life, operations, and relationship building genius. Marilee Tolen, RN Former Client

You’ve Tried

Finding the right people

From Virtual Assistants, Online Business Manager, Consultant, Coach or even a Mastermind to help with how you run your business.

The Problem – No one shared what you need to have in place to start working with a virtual team, the clarity that you need to have, and one of the key questions you must ask BEFORE you start working together.

Creating workflows & Processes

The Problem – Unless your business involves creating processes and workflows YOU should not be creating processes, workflows. This job is for one specific person!

Creating 'Master' plans for your business

The Problem – If you have not found the right people to help you implement the master plan, you will be in the middle of managing the plan.

Are you ready to remove yourself from the day-to-day operations that your business is now demanding?

I am an award-winning a team-building and operations coach.
We approach every client with a big heart, bring international expertise and a razor-sharp vision to every client that we work with.
We are the trustworthy support that you and your business so desperately need.
When you work with me and the team that is intentionally built to support you and your growth, you get all of our expertise, loyalty, and energy. You gain the freedom to level up and focus on what you do best. And, more than that, you get a sweet sense of security, safe in the knowledge that I am 100% dedicated to your peace of mind and strategic success.
From the minute we begin our work together, We are All In!

Vision + Team + Ops

Get a better understanding of why your business isn’t operating the way you envisioned – and receive a action plan that will connect your vision to how you operate.

Team Building

We will work with you and your team to streamline and fill gaps that are slowing productivity and keeping you from doing what you love.

Solo to Team

As your business evolves so will the way that you operate – we will work with you to stay ahead of the change that is inevitable for the growth of the business.

Kyna has become a colleague, friend, and someone I call on when I need help with my business. 

While working with me she spoiled me. When it was time for me to hire an assistant  I found myself looking for lots of her traits, characteristics, and talents. Kyna is very unique. It’s sometimes difficult to find someone who is willing and able to step up at the level that Kyna did – from a technical as well as a personal one. 

Tish Times – CEO, Tish Times Sales Agency