If the excitement, the belief that you can do it, and all the feelings that come when you are planning could be bottle up, executing would be NO PROBLEM…

BUT the execution of the plan is where most stumble 😖and depending on your resilience and the resources you have available, you will either keeping going or give up. One other key difference between whether you keep going or give up is if your plan answers this key question – HOW.

It is in answering this question that you are able to see the viability of your plan. When How is answered:

– you have Project and Task Lists for each project and task in your plan;
– you have a Timeline for each stage of your plan;
– you know Who is doing What by When;
– you have someone to manage the execution of the plan…and it’s NOT YOU!

Despite the result, have you finished plans that you’ve created? If you have GREAT! You have the blueprint for how you can execute your plans moving forward.

If not, where did you stumble? This is a clue for where you will most likely need help. More than likely the answer is that what you need is outside of your expertise (and the last thing you want to do is figure it out – you don’t have time for that!)

This is one of the benefits of Plan Your Ops – we take your goals for the next 90 days and Create your Project and task list, Identify Platforms/tools you will use, and the Talent that you will need to put it all together and make it happen. Ready to see more ACTION In 2023 – ✨ LET’S GOOOOO ✨ ->> Plan Your OPS