welcome to the place that will teach you how to Run Your Biz…YOUR WAY

I’m Kyna B, a woman who is dedicated to helping women take their plan, create processes to Get It Done & work with their team to exceed their goals

The women I work with are highly skilled and successful but… they are permanently stuck in the middle of running their business.

Overworked, time-poor and exhausted, they simply can’t figure out a way of removing themselves from the day to day operations that every growing business demands.

But that way of working is burning them out and slowing their success. It’s not productive, it’s problematic. And they know it.

This is where I come in



I am an award-winning business operations manager with soul.


I approach every client with a big heart, bringing international expertise and razor-sharp vision.


I am the trustworthy support that you so desperately need.

When you work with me…

You get all of my expertise, loyalty and energy.

You gain the freedom to level up and focus on what you do best. And, more than that, you get a sweet sense of security, safe in the knowledge that I am 100% dedicated to your peace of mind and strategic success. From the minute we begin our work together, I am all in. I’ve got you.

How I work.

I remove the blocks that are holding you back, and set you free to grow to your next level. In essence, it’s all about creating a really healthy culture, no matter what business you are in. The three places that I always assess are:

// People (Staffing / Culture / Potential)

// Systems (Process / Production / Practicality)

// Plan (Your vision and How to get your goals)

No matter what business crisis or challenging situation appears for my clients, I show up with a calm, capable and clear vision of how to work through it.

“Kyna B is a life, operations and relationship building genius” Marilee Tolen